Saturday, October 6, 2012

Success means practice!

Well let's hear them, and let's see them! I hope everyone had a great first season! remember there is a second season! That means it can be redemption time! I got a forked horn Black tail from my tree stand  and got a spike Elk (Rocky Mt.) Shot the spike at 8 yds started out at 4 ft. Fastest shot I ever made! It was as fast as shooting a Grouse with a shot gun! No time for buck fever. I can't say the same for my hunting buddy Brad. Missed two bulls. One was a monster at 40yds and the other was a 5X5 at 30yds. My brothers and I were calling him B.F.B. around camp. Which meant Buck Fever Brad. (good times) You need to practice all year long to make those shots! So get on out here a practice,practice,practice! Second season is coming on fast!!! See you here!! That means you Brad!