Sunday, April 19, 2015

2015 Where does the time go! Another hunting season is on it's way here! Time to sharpen those skills and hit the course! Got some nice new targets for this year! The one thing that I ask is not to use E-Z PULL target tips!!! They just destroy the targets! Please standard target tips only! Thanks it will help the life of the target. Come on out and enjoy the nice weather!

Friday, July 12, 2013


Lets see if I can correct this problem. I hope! When you punch in your driving directions for the course it might show for you to turn onto Valley Vista Rd. That is the WRONG WAY!! Valley Vista does not go through to Hallbacka Lane. Hallbacka Lane is at the bottom of the hill! Google shows that the roads connect! They do not! Map Quest has it right! Hallbacka Lane is a dead end road. And I am the last one on the road. Hope this helps!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Success means practice!

Well let's hear them, and let's see them! I hope everyone had a great first season! remember there is a second season! That means it can be redemption time! I got a forked horn Black tail from my tree stand  and got a spike Elk (Rocky Mt.) Shot the spike at 8 yds started out at 4 ft. Fastest shot I ever made! It was as fast as shooting a Grouse with a shot gun! No time for buck fever. I can't say the same for my hunting buddy Brad. Missed two bulls. One was a monster at 40yds and the other was a 5X5 at 30yds. My brothers and I were calling him B.F.B. around camp. Which meant Buck Fever Brad. (good times) You need to practice all year long to make those shots! So get on out here a practice,practice,practice! Second season is coming on fast!!! See you here!! That means you Brad!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

3D Archery in Oregon

3D Archery in Oregon is alive and well at Pickle Creek Archery! The course is in great shape and ready to shoot! Now is the time to get serious about your skill as an archer. Elk and Deer season are coming fast, and you need to be ready. Your string, sights, arrow rest all need to be checked out. I have heard a lot of great success stories of last years hunts. Shooting this course will make you a better shot when that animal steps out. There's nothing like a freezer full of wild game to last you through the year. So come on out and tune up your bow and your skills...... See you soon!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


The effect of 3d target tips on the targets is not good. Sure they are easier to pull out, but they blow out the back of the target. Making repairs more difficult. So please use standard target tips. If you get hear and don't have any, I have some set out for you to use. Just put them back when you are done. Thank you this will help me out alot.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Pickle Creek Archery is Now Open!!!

The opening was a success!  We had several bow hunters come out and enjoy the sun shooting my 40 brand new Delta and Mckenzie 3D targets!  We've got turkeys, bears, deer, hogs, sheep, coyotes, and more!  The course takes about 3 hours-give or take 15 minutes-with THREE people.  A great amount of time for just $12 a round!  Come down and enjoy the good weather we've been having along with friends, fun, and some excellent game practice!  Bring your bow, arrows, range finder, boots, and if you want to keep score,  I will provide you with a scorecard.  This is as real as you can get testing your archery skills.  This will help you improve your skills and make you a BETTER shot in the field. 

Please pay at the pay shack. Fill out a waiver and put money and waiver in the envelope and then into the pay box.
Phone # 503.780.7558
*This course takes about 2.25 hours to complete with TWO people. 

See you on the course!
-Jim Schiewe
Hunter, Fisherman, and American Made

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Welcome To Pickle Creek Archery

On a 30-acre spred full of 3D archery targets,
we bring you Pickle Creek Archery
located on Pickle Creek in Mulino, Oregon.